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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Earthing, aka Grounding and Barefooting Information Bomb!

Hey y'all!

Today's post is a big one! I'm going to get heavy into earthing, grounding, barefooting, or whatever you want to call it, hopefully to help all of us protect our families and ourselves from the dangers of WiFi and EMFs. Last week I wrote about barefooting. Today I want to get into that more, plus give you all kinds of information and links you can take home and start implementing in your own lives. Later in the week I'll tell you how I got slapped with a Smart Meter (I know! Right?), and how I plan to deal with it.

I am so excited about grounding. Some of this may go over your heads, and for some of you, you'll get it immediately. Either way is OK with me, but I want you to get this.

First, I want you to understand that there is electrical current all around us, and we are constantly being bombarded with electricity. Some of it is fantastic energy- like the energy we get from the sun, the negative ions we breathe in from either ocean air or after it rains, and the fresh air at night if we open our bedroom windows just a crack. There is also wonderful healing energy from the negatively charged electrons in organic green vegetables. When we talk about "having more energy," it's actually energy- the same thing that runs motors! This is all great stuff.

But there is also energy that it not good for us. This energy is positively charged. I had to get clear about this, because I am not a chemistry major or a scientist at all. If a form of electricity has a positive charge- you know, the plus sign (+) on a battery, it is not healthy for us humans or the animals. This form of electricity is what is emitting from our computers, microwaves, electric wires, cell phones, everything electrical. These are EMFs- electromagnetic fields.  Refined junk food also has a positive charge.

The waves in electrical devices pass right through us, and since we each have an electrical charge, too, our  "voltage," if you will, is in a constant state of flux. That positive electricity in the EMFs are actually a very low form or dose of radiation. XRays and CAT scans are high doses of radiation; our cell phones and laptops are low doses of radiation.

Since our bodies conduct electricity like water- we are 70% water, remember?- we are like antennae. So we need to stay grounded or we actually build up a positive charge, which can lead to all kinds of serious diseases like cancer, brain damage, and now we are finding out, reproductive damage.

I want you to watch this amazing video featuring world-renowned natural health guru, David Wolfe. I'll try to interpret what he says for those of you who are not familiar with the language used in natural healing and raw foodie circles. You really do need to watch it, or the rest of this post isn't going to make much sense.

First, David says we are cutting off the ability to stay grounded- just like a grounding wire in our house or office- because we wear shoes all the time, which disconnects us from the ground. When he is talking about getting great ideas in the shower, he is talking about the negatively charged ions in the water, just like I mentioned with rain water. 

"The Flow" is what Christians call "The Spirit." Sometime I'll write a blog piece about the Flow as Holy Spirit. When a person is in the Flow, he or she is acting as he or she was created to be naturally in the presence of God. Onward....

David tells the audience about an earthing mat. You can purchase one and put it right under your desk where your computer is, plug it in to your three-prong wall socket, and stick your feet on the mat as you work. All of that positively charged energy your body is being hit with goes out of you and out of your house or office, down to the ground. You are grounded.

The earthing mat I recommend is the one from earthing(dot)com. It costs $59.00 plus shipping. I do not have one yet, but I want one ever so much. My dearest natural health friends have them now and gush about these all the time. I have never seen the enthusiastic responses about a product like I have seen with the earthing mat.

Now, we are not only getting delicious energies from the sun's magnetic rays and the negative ions from fresh air and rain, the Earth itself has an electromagnetic frequency. It does! Let me show you:

The Earth's magnetic field plays a huge part in grounding us from EMFs- image by

Here is another representation, showing you that the Earth's electromagnetic field is in 3-D- image by Pittsburgh Suipercomputer

So the Earth's energies reset our circadian rhythms, and David found research stating that every 90 seconds, our bodies check for this reset. If we're wearing shoes, or if we aren't touching the actual planet, or if we are't using some kind of grounding device like the earthing mat, we can't get that positively charged electrical energy out of us. Also, we can't absorb the good, healing, negative charge from the Earth. So what we're doing by wearing shoes, by staying above ground either in a pier and beam house or a high rise apartment or an office on the second floor, is short circuiting our bodies. This is where the concern is.

So we *have* to eat clean. We *have* to eat a lot of organic leafy green vegetables and fruits. We have to become as alkaline as possible, get as much anti-oxidants in us as possible (because oxidation= lack of oxygen= cell death= becoming really sick and eventually dying) , and re-mineralize with plant foods. Plus, we have to get the positive charges neutralized and away from us. 

David then mentions the earthing sheet, which has silver threads running through a cotton sheet. My friends are also raving about this. One of my male friends has had severe insomnia for years, bless his heart. He has tried everything. I know he bought the half sheet and he may have bought the fitted sheet as well. He can sleep now! I have to have one, and y'all do, too.

David loves to do analogies as a part of his teaching style. So our "mothers' include Mother Earth as well as our flesh and blood mother. So just like a newborn is supposed to have constant skin-to-skin contact with his or her mother, we are supposed to have skin to skin contact with Mother Earth. What he says about negatively charged food and supplements stripping bad calcium (placque) off our blood vessels is true. What he says about the emotional power of hugging our mothers is also true.

Now... y'all need to read this book: I'm giving you the Amazon link so you can read all the reviews and gain more insight into how important grounding actually is. Now, this isn't a "new discovery." Indigent tribes have know this forever. But Western society has lost this knowledge, and it is uber cool that the practice is being re-introduced by natural health advocates. I'm asking you to read the book because the science is there. As much as David Wolfe comes across as an airy-fairy woo woo New Age hippie dude, he's really very knowledgeable and incredibly respected among his peers. But if you are put off by David's personality, read the book.

If you are of the persuasion that you prefer "real' science from "real" doctors and scientists, then please listen to this outstanding interview Dr. Joseph Mercola did with Dr. James Oschman, the author of the Earthing book referenced above. The video is about 1 hour and 15 minutes long:

What are your experiences with earthing, grounding, and barefooting?

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