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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Raw Food in the Real World

How can we maintain a healthy, raw food lifestyle in the real world?- image by wiki commons

Hey y'all,

I want to ask your opinion about something and get your input. You know how sometimes you have a question you can't answer and then all of a sudden, God (or the universe, depending on your frame of reference) just delivers the answer on a platter for you? I think that may have happened for me, and I want to see what you think.

I love raw foods. Right now I am nowhere near being a raw foodie, or even a vegan or vegetarian. But I'd like to be high raw. Every time I have done a 30 day raw food challenge, like the one I have advertised on the side bar, I have felt fantastic. I have lost weight, I have had my digestion and hormones balance out, my skin clears up, my eyes sparkle, and I have this spiritual "connection" with Nature that I don't feel when I eat junk.

If you are a raw foodie or are high raw, you know what I'm talking about. Raw foodies use the word "ecstatic" a lot, which seems extreme to non-raw foodies, but if you are high raw or 100% raw, you are probably smiling right now, because you know exactly what I mean.

I brought "raw tacos" to a family gathering last month, inspired by one of my Facebook friends, raw chef Paige Brummet. They were a hit, so easy and fun to make, and a great way to get guests to eat "vegetables" without the "eeeewww."

I got into raw foods starting back in 2004 when I did Dr. Richard Schulze's Incurables Program for a month because I have a rare form of muscular dystrophy the experts are calling scapular perineal syndrome and I am looking for a cure. Even though the doctors say it is incurable, they don't really know, because they really don't know anything about this disease other than that it obviously exists.

I did a more intense, hard core version of the Incurables Program in 2008, utilizing 30 and 45 day juice fasts/feasts, enemas, hydrotherapy, affirmations, herbs, and a ton of other stuff, and y'all, I got a little stronger. I have no idea what would have happened if I could have done the Incurables Program longer.

I love what I did back then. Eventually what I learned through that experience led to me writing for Natural and some awesome clients. It also led to where I am now with Bluebonnet Natural Healing Therapy. It's all a part of the journey.

I've been kinda frustrated- OK, very frustrated- because I have never been able to recreate what I did back then. Yet, I feel like I was healthier, or at least moving in a healthier direction, when I did it.

Here's where y'all come in.

I have noticed that quite a number of folks who are into raw foods, herbs, and sustainable living live a completely different life than me. They live in Costa Rica rain forests or in eco-communities in Sedona, Arizona, or in some large urban area like Chicago where there are a number of raw food restaurants to choose from.

I live in Waco, Texas. Not the same.

What's cool though, is that I have met a lot of folks who say "I'd love to do raw foods" and "I'd love to get into herbs" but they don't know how to fit it in with regular, every day life.

So I thought we might figure it out together.

I found out about this blog yesterday: Modern Parents Messy Kids. It's wildly popular on Pinterest, and has been featured on a ton of websites. In the link I share with you, the blogger makes this dream organization list. The punch line at the end is that it was a dream and not reality. Then she says, "Hey, why not make it a reality?" So basically, she used this list as her affirmations to create the world she wanted to live in. She stated her intentions clearly, and the universe is delivering them to her in real time.

Why can't we do something on the same order with Bluebonnet?

Why can't we take health back from the medical community and bring it home? Why can't we learn how to heal our entire lives? Sure, there are times when things are too complicated or dangerous for us to attempt to heal at home, but why can't we learn how to heal most things by living a healthy lifestyle?

Why couldn't I write about my ideas and attempts to become healthy in every area of my life, and show you what I'm doing? And y'all could share tips about what you're doing that works?

What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. Hello mother. I got nominated for this small blog award thingie, and I thought I'd nominate you in return!

    1. Awesome, Brenda! And thank you! I'll return the favor if possible. :)

      Hey beautiful readers, let me introduce you to my oldest daughter Brenda! She is a very talented web content writer and blogger. She has a really fun little homeschooling blog called Schooling a Monkey and an interesting writing/literature blog called Daily Mayo.

      She is into "healthy things" and has done some raw food challenges with me, and has come down to get some echinacea tincture or colon cleansing herbs at times.

      She's funny. You'd like her. Check her out!

  2. I think that sharing healthy tips is a good idea..Im always up for learning something to improve my health ...I want to be 80 and still mobile!