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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Free Acid Alkaline Food Charts

Free Acid Alkaline Food Charts

Learn which foods will heal your body with these acid alkaline food charts- image by

Hey y'all!

I am running late today and am noticing that my body is fighting the flu, so today's post will be short but hopefully very valuable to you.

I found this cool website which has several alkaline and acid food charts on it.

 Essene of

There are charts for a "target diet," acid and alkaline levels for various foods, a comparison chart for the degrees of alkalinity in a variety of raw foods, and several "foods to avoid charts."

They are all free, but there are also some charts available for purchase if you want a handy reference to put on your refrigerator.

This is a really interesting and informative website. I hope you enjoy it.

Now off to guzzle down some juices and teas...


  1. Thanks I need this chart ! I have been trying to reduce the acid in my diet .