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Sunday, December 9, 2012

How Bad is Fluoride?

How Bad is Fluoride?

Hey y'all,

As promised in the video, I want to share with you some research I have done on the effects of fluoride on our bodies. While most of us have grown up believing either that 1) "fluoride must be safe, or they wouldn't be putting it in drinking water and toothpaste," or 2) "yes, fluoride is poisonous, but you would have to eat fifteen train cars of it before you got sick."

Is fluoride good for your teeth?

Let's look the truth about fluoride and your teeth.

One of my most popular blog posts here on Bluebonnet is the one on fluoride and your teeth, specifically dealing with the topic of dental fluorosis in children. Fluorosis develops when children swallow toothpaste and other dental products containing fluoride, poisoning the children mildly. The fluoride causes ugly, mottled teeth, such as the ones in these photo images:

Mild fluorosis- image by

You can see how some of the enamel has worn away and the teeth are beginning to pit.

Serious fluorosis in an 8 year old child- image by

In 2010, the Cochrane Database System Review, which may be the most conservative medical journal in the world, posted a review of all clinical studies to date regarding dental fluorosis. Cochrane's conclusion was that children under the age of six years old should use a low-fluoride or fluoride-free toothpaste if fluorosis is a concern to parents.

Of particular note in this review is the following comment:

" Future trials assessing the effectiveness of different types of topical fluorides (including toothpastes, gels, varnishes and mouthrinses [SIC]) or different concentrations or both should ensure that they include an adequate follow-up period in order to collect data on potential fluorosis."

More dangers of fluoride in toothpaste and water

Is fluoride poisonous? See for yourself.

You can protect your teeth and your children's teeth simply with good brushing habits. It is the brushing, and not the toothpaste, that helps to prevent dental caries.

Here is a link to the Tate's website. I am not an affiliate for Tate's, although I would be if they had an affiliate program. I hope you enjoy the product.

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